PSR-S700 YAMAHA Portable Keyboard พอร์ทเอเบิ้ล คีย์บอร์ด

พอร์ทเอเบิ้ล คีย์บอร์ด PSR-S700 ยามาฮ่า

ราคาสุดถูก 41,200 บาท

TEL – 089-795-4544


– 61 คีย์ Touch Response
– 64 โน้ตโพลิโฟนี
– 796 เสียงเครื่องดนตรี (Yamaha Premium Voices, Yamaha XG, GM)
– 176 สไตล์จังหวะ + User Style + จังหวะใน USB Flash Memory (ทัมป์ไดร์ฟ), สร้างจังหวะใหม่ได้
– ระบบฐานข้อมูล – ชุดการตั้งค่าสำหรับรูปสำหรับใช้บรรเลงเพลงที่เลือก 600 รายการ + ไฟล์ใน USB Flash Memory (ทัมป์ไดร์ฟ)
– บันทึกเพลง 16 แทร็ค 5 เพลง
– บันทึก-อ่านข้อมูลด้วย USB Flash Memory (ทัมป์ไดร์ฟ, USB Card Reader, USB FDD, etc.) ผ่านช่อง USB To Device
– เชื่อมต่อรับ-ส่งข้อมูล, ทำงานร่วมกับคอมพิวเตอร์ผ่านช่อง USB To Host (USB-MIDI Interface
– บันทึกการตั้งค่าล่วงหน้า 64 ชุด (8 Regist. x 8 Bank)
– ช่องเชื่อมต่ออื่นๆ PHONES/OUTPUT, Foot Switch (SUSTAIN)

* มีอแดปเตอร์จาก YAMAHA ให้ด้วย
* รับประกัน 1ปี จากบริษัท ยามาฮ่า ประเทศไทย


Portable Keyboard PSR-S700 YAMAHA

(SELL ONLY : 41,200 BTH)

Keyboar Number of Keys 61 Keyboard-style keys
Touch Response Yes
Voice Number of Voices 700(183 Panel Voices + 462
XGlite Voices + 15 Drum/SFX
Kits + 40 Arpeggio Voices)
Numer of Polyphony 32
Featured Voices Sweet! Voice x 5
Cool! Voice x 3
Dynamic Voice x 3
Voice Edit 2 Control Knobs
(Filter Cutoff/Resonance,
Effect Reverb/Chorus,
EG Attack/Release,
Style Filter Cutoff/Resonance,
Style Tempo)
Compatibility XG lite/ XG/ GM Yes/ No/ Yes
Effect Reverb/ Chorus 9 types/ 4 types
Preset Master EQ 5 types
Dual/ Split Yes/ Yes
Harmony / Echo 26 types
Arpeggio 150 types
Style Preset / User 174 / Yes
Sections Intro / Ending / Main A / Main B / Fill AB / Fill BA
Fingering Multi
Song Playback #Preset Songs 30 (30 onboard, 70 CD-ROM)
Compatible File Format SMF
Recording Number of Songs 5 (Max)
Number of Tracks 6 (5Melody + 1Chord)
Realtime/ Step/ Edit Yes/ No/ No
User Song to SMF Converter No
Score Display No
Easy Song Arranger Yes
Music Database
Overall Control Number of Songs 305
Tempo/ Metronome Yes
Transpose/ Tuning -12 to 0, 0 to +12/ +-100 cents
Pitch Bend Range 1 to 12
Lesson Type Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.)
Waiting,Your tempo,Minus one
Repeat & Learn Yes
Chord Dictionary Yes
Performance assistant technology
One Touch Setting Yes (Incl. Voice List)
Registration Memory 2 Pads x 8 Banks
Controller Pitch Bend Wheel
Control Knobs Yes, Knobs x 2
Pedal Sustain (Option)
Display Type Custom LCD/92mm x 42mm
Backlit Yes (Blue LED)
Storage Flash Memory XG/XF Songs Yes (1.8MB)
Outboard Song Style Yes
Content Others Yes
Cabinet Key Cover Style
PC Connectivity Song Transfer Yes
Interactive (DMN/Hi-Chao) Yes
Aux. Jacks DC IN DC IN, Phones (/Output), Pedal(Sutain),
Amp & Speakers 2.5W+2.5W/12cm×2 + 3cmx2
Sleep Mode No
Power Power Supply Adaptor (PA-130), or batteries
(Six ?AA? size, LR6 or equivalent batteries)
Dimensions Width/Depth/Height (w/o MusicRest) 946mm/402mm/136mm
Weight 7.0kg (15lbs. 7oz.)
Bundled Accessories Song Book No (CD-ROM including)
CD-ROM Yes/ Menu Application,
Musicsoft Downloader,
USB-MIDI Driver, Song Data, Style Data,

MDB Data, Song Book (PDF)


TEL – 089-795-4544

PSR-S700 Main Features

USB MIDI & USB storage
Large QVGA screen
LAN Port
for on-line, on-demand music
Virtual Drawbars
Ease of operation:
Music Database, One Touch Settings, Registration buttons
Professional Connections
Other Great Features


Keyboard 61 Keys (C1 ~ C6) with Touch Response (Initial Touch)
Polyphony 96 notes max.
Display 5.7″ QVGA B/W LCD capable of Lyric and Score display
Languages English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish (Demo & Help User Selectable)
Sound Source AWM Stereo Sampling
813 Preset Voices 317 Voices + 16 Drum/SFX Kits + 480 XG Voices
Compatibility GM, GM2, XG, GS (for song playback)
MegaVoices 10
Sweet! Voices 11
Cool! Voices 18
Live! Voices 14
Organ Flutes Nine footages using modeling technology
Voice Layer Right1, Right2 (You can layer 2 voices at a time)
Voice Split Lower1 (with hold function)
Custom Voice Yes
Reverb 34 Preset + 3 User
Chorus 29 Preset + 3 User
DSP 1 191 Preset + 3 User
DSP 2 ~ 4 106 Preset + 10 User
Poly/Mono Yes ? Portamento Time is adjustable in Mono Mode
Harmony/Echo 17 Presets
Master EQ (5 Band) 5 Presets + 2 User
Part EQ (2 Band) 28 Parts (R1, R2, Left, Style x 8, Song x 16, Multi Pads)
Touch Response Initial touch on/off
Tempo 5 ~ 500, Tap Tempo
Master Tuning 414.8 ~ 440Hz ~ 466.8
Scale Tunings Equal Temperament, Pure Major, Pure Minor, Pythagorean,
Mean-Tone, Werckmeister, Kirnberger, Arabic 1, 2
Transpose -12 ~ 0 ~ 12 (Assignable Keyboard/Song/Master)
Upper Octave -1, 0 +1
Part Octave -2, -1, 0, +1, +2
Real-time Controllers Pitch Bend Wheel, Modulation Wheel
Auto Accompaniment
Preset Styles 205 Preset Styles in 11 Categories + User Category
Pro Styles: 193; Session Styles: 12
User Styles Save to User Drive or USB Drive
Control Accompaniment On/Off, OTS Link, Auto Fill in, Intro x 3, Fill In x 4, Break x 1, Main Sections x 4, Ending x 3, Fade In/Out, Tap Tempo, Sync Start, Sync Stop, Ritardando
Parts 8 Parts with full mixer control
Fingering Types Single Finger, Multi Finger, Fingered, On Bass, Full Keyboard, AI (Artificial Intelligence) Fingered, AI Full Keyboard
Multi Pads Controls: 4 Pads + Stop + Bank Select.
Preset: 80 Banks X 4 Pads. User Programmable: Save to User Drive or USB Drive
Quick Access Memory
One-Touch Setting 4 per Style ? Fully Programmable
Music Finder Over 1000 preset setups by song title, fully programmable
Registration Memory 8 Buttons + Banks + Freeze Function (Save to User Drive or USB Drive)
Compatibility General MIDI 2 (SMF 0,1) with Lyrics, XG, KAR, XF, Scorch,
Tune 1000?, GS
Selection Quick Start mode plus Next Song mode
Song Recording Save to User Drive or USB Drive
Tracks 16 tracks internally. 32 track playback from computer over USB.
Recording Quick Rec., Multi-track Rec., Step Rec., Song Editing
Capacity Approx. 30,000 Notes
Lyric Lyrics Display (For MIDI files that have lyrics)
Score Zoom in/out, User can select which tracks to display; Note Name, Lyric & Chord Display On/Off, display key, quantize
Guide Modes: Follow Lights, Any Key, Karao-Key
Performance assistant technology Yes. Works with XF files (songs with embedded chord information).
Disk Storage
User Drive 560 KB
USB Disk Drive Optional floppy, thumb or hard drive via USB to DEVICE jack
USB to DEVICE 1 jack for optional Broadband Internet connection and connecting USB storage devices like floppy disk drives, thumb drives, hard drives and CD-ROM drives (read only). Maximum 2 storage devices at a time + broadband using a self-powered USB hub. *2
USB to HOST 1 jack for MIDI x 2
LAN Port Access special Internet website for on-line, on-demand music
Foot Control ?
User Function Assignable
Foot Pedal 1 Default Sustain / 2 DSP Variation
Audio ? Phones
? Line Out R, L/L+R
? Aux In R, L/L+R
? Amplifier 12 W x 2
? Speakers (12 cm + 5 cm) x 2
Power Supply PA-300 (included)
Dimensions 39 5/8″ x 17 1/8″ x 5 7/8″ (1003 x 433 x 148 mm) Without Music Rest
Weight 25 lbs., 5 5/8 oz. (11.5 kg)
*1 Because the file is saved in the User Drive or optional USB Drive, the maximum number is limited
according to the capacity of the drive and the maximum number of files and folders in a folder.

*2 Yamaha cannot guarantee operation of USB storage devices that you purchase. Before purchasing USB storage devices, please consult your Yamaha dealer, or an authorized Yamaha distributor for advice or see the following web page